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Ghost of children hospital

Ghost Children ghost Photo.

I would like to share one of my ghost experiences, along with a photo that most people agree shows the image of two ghost children.

While wandering through the halls one day, snapping pictures and studying some of the musty items left behind, I entered a room right inside the foyer on the first floor. I had taken many shots of the porch outside, because I found it to an interesting subject - a decayed, overgrown columned porch, where a lone wooden chair sat in front of the two old wooden doors...It had always intrigued me. Anyway, alone in this room, I began to notice a sharp drop in temperature. About the same time, I got the distinct feeling that I was being watched. Since my friends were on the third floor, inspecting some old, musty documents we found there, I knew that I should have been alone. We had also already toured the entire building, and I knew we were the only people there.

This feeling didn't scare me as much as it excited me - I have had several other experiences since childhood with what I have always believed were ghosts. I stayed there, listening for any sounds that might indicate someone or something was there, but I heard nothing. Soon, the cold dissipated, and the feeling was gone.

When we left, I snapped a shot that porch, to add to the others I had already taken at different times of the year. When I got home, I was stunned by the image of it that appeared on my computer - in the window of the door on the right hand side of the porch, there seemed to be a vivid apparition of a little girl and boy, staring right back at me from inside that cold room!

Most people I know have seen this image, and they all agree that they can see these children, through whom can be seen the wooden cross-pieces of the windows. The girl is closest to the center, and the boy is standing just behind her. I imagine them to be either two young siblings, perhaps the children of a doctor, or even patients of the hospital. Whoever they might be, they appear to be forever caught in spirit inside this damp, lonely old building...

Included in this email are two images - the original, and a close up of that same shot. Other than the zoom in, the pictures have not been altered in any way. I have since taken numerous shots of this porch from the outside, from many different angles and in various lighting conditions. I have not been able to reproduce the same result. SInce the building has since been secured by the maintenance workers, I have not returned to go inside.

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